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Do you often struggle to find a parking space? Do you waste time every day looking for somewhere to park? Or do you own a parking space and struggle to get it booked? That’s where Pay-N-Park comes in! We make parking hassle-free.

Pay-N-Park makes parking easy and saves you money. Download the Pay-N-Park app today, take the stress out of parking and save money.

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About Us

Pay-N-Park is a mobile app owned by Parkway Signalling Limited, UK. Pay-N-Park is a Vehicle Parking Sharing App that enhances the quality of your life by providing you with hassle-free , clean and safe parking facilities found by you on your device. If you’re looking for convenience, reliability and affordability when it comes to parking then Pay-N-Park is the app for you.

Pay-N-Park is a Vehicle Parking Sharing App. We bridge the gap between people who have a parking space to rent and people who need a parking space. We help owners advertise their private spaces, both residential and commercial, through our easy-to-use app. Anyone who is in need of a parking space can then search our app, to find a suitable space to park. 

We make parking simple, convenient and affordable for all. For your convenience users can set search filters to narrow down parking spots within the area needed.

From commercial establishments to private residential spaces, we always offer a professional and efficient service for you.

As a Parking User of Pay-N-Park you can rest assured that all of our Parking Owners have undergone robust security checks, preventing scammers from creating fake parking ads. This allows us to provide you with hassle-free, affordable and efficient parking services right at your fingertips.

Download the app today and give it a try. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Our services are available all over UK.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become your one-stop-shop for all of your parking needs in the UK. We offer a parking service that is convenient & affordable with competitive prices and accessible to anyone in the UK. By using our app we can assure you of a smooth service & sustainable financial performance. Loyal customers can also take advantage of our loyalty reward scheme.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world’s leading parking service partners. We aim to be one of the top-listed mobile parking service providers in the UK, with a long-term vision of expanding across Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and North America.

Why Pay n Park?

Our app makes parking simple, affordable and convenient. Every parking location has been meticulously checked to ensure its suitability for customers and the surrounding location. Through our unique discovery process, Pay-N-Park will generate custom solutions focused on user goals. We also provide a strategy to maximize impact on all levels. At Pay-N-Park we drive bottom line performance whilst achieving the highest levels of user satisfaction.

Safety & Security

Providing a safe and high-quality service is our priority. You can rest assured that all of our parking ads are genuine. Every advertisement placed on our app has undergone robust security checks to prevent scammers from placing fake parking space ads.


Our mobile app has been designed to be convenient and user-friendly. Our users have a single log-in for multiple profiles making it convenient for our users to switch between Parking User to Parking Owner.

Private parking space owners can advertise multiple parking spaces and set their own parking space filters and availability. Our app provides convenient customisation settings including cost, features and an option to exclude the parking space availability at weekends and public holidays.

Parking Users have complete flexibility to book a parking space based on their parking needs.

Our cancellation policy is flexible and low-cost.

Commercial parking owners have the flexibility to manage their own parking attendant staff by using our Parking Attendant feature.

Affordable & Efficient

We understand that your time and money is important to you. That’s why we provide our services using cutting-edge technology but at a low cost to you.

Our Parking Users get competitive, low-cost vehicle parking rates.

Our Parking Owners get a simple but effective way to generate extra income every month by utilising, otherwise unused, space. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Our Services

Both public and commercial establishments can advertise their parking space on our easy-to-use app. Pay-N-Park receives a small service fee from each booking. We offer Parking Users the flexibility to search for parking spaces based on their needs at affordable prices.

Our goal is to become the most trusted & recommended parking solution partner in the UK, based on our functional efficiency, operational excellence, customer loyalty and sustainable financial performance.

Rent Your Parking Space

Do you have an extra parking space on your property that you’re not using? Did you know you can earn money each month by renting out that space? If you’re a property owner and you’d like some extra income then Pay-N-Park can help you with our simple but effective parking space app.

Why not join the *3.5 million people in the UK who are currently renting out their spare  parking spaces, collectively earning *£3.8 billion. Renting out parking spaces is booming right now in the UK. You can be a part of that, and we can help you!

Registration is quick and easy. Use our app to earn extra income by renting out your private space, driveway, garage or on-street parking permit. Rent your unused parking space and start earning today!

Reference : https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-6409509/The-UKs-lucrative-places-rent-parking-pace.html

Parking Users

Do you regularly struggle to find a parking spot?

Are you paying out a lot of money each month to park your vehicle?

Would you like a simple, low-cost & stress-free way to park every day?

If so you’re in need of Pay-N-Park. We help you find your perfect parking spot, in the comforts of your own home and at affordable prices.

We have created a simple customised parking search process for your convenience. Our app allows you to narrow down your search using parking filters based on city, street area, type of parking, cost, date and time. Want to make your parking experience hassle-free? Download our app today to get started!

Commercial Owners

Do you have spare parking spaces on your site?

Would you like to earn extra money from those spaces?

If so you’re in need of Pay-N-Park. All types of commercial owners can make money from their spare parking spaces including, but not limited to, Hotel Chains, Parking firms, Airport, Train Station even Event Organisation, such as Football Clubs & Music Venues.

You can easily manage your parking space by using our Parking Attendants feature. Parking attendants can check and validate vehicles that park on your site. Your parking attendants can securely login via our app to their allocated site and monitor the number of vehicles in a hassle-free way.

Commercial space owners can also take advantage of renting out their available parking space to advertise their business.

Start generating extra revenue for your business today by downloading the Pay-N-Park app now!


Pay-N-Park is a smartphone app that works on Apple and Android mobile software platforms. It’s a user-friendly app which allows for quick registration, login and easy booking process. The app has built-in, cutting-edge, technology features to carry out an advanced user ID verification process with live facial detection to match user profiles. Download the app today and explore the infinite possibilities.

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